The Annual Clark County Fair & Rodeo Event draws thousands of people each year to the small town of Logandale, Nevada. In its humble beginnings in 1965, the Fair started as a small community event held in Moapa Valley and was originally named the “Moapa Valley Fair”.  In the mid 1980’s the organizers of the Moapa Valley Fair were provided the opportunity to host the annual Clark County Fair.

In cooperation with Federal, State and County authorities a fairgrounds site was selected in the town of Logandale and the Moapa Valley Fair officially became known as the Clark County Fair. The 1st Annual Fair was held in April of 1988.  The Fair was small in the beginning but grew rapidly. As the fairgrounds began to take shape, a carnival midway, livestock show, and rodeo were added. In 1997, because of popularity of the PRCA Rodeo, the Clark County Fair was renamed to the Clark County Fair & Rodeo. The Fair is operated by the Clark County Fair Inc. a non-profit Nevada Corporation.




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